When renovating your apartment, think of every transaction as an investment. Rather than skimping on the paint and buying the cheap but poor quality one, or the dull and poorly manufactured tiles, invest in long term lifespans, high quality, and items which you know will last for decades. When renovating your apartment you must do the following:

Have a Plan

Set your milestones for different renovations and various stages therein. You want to have a timeline you can return to each week to double check your progress. Part of this plan should pertain to a budget. You want to set a realistic budget so that you can ensure you are not exceeding your limits while you work. It is recommended that you have a budget, and a 10% buffer after you have calculated the average costs.

Prioritize Kitchen and Bath

If you are limited in terms of time or budget, make your kitchen and/or bathrooms your first priority. These rooms should account for the biggest expenses in your remodelling project. Countertops should be the first thing to repair or replace. Cabinets are often highly visible because of their resting place at eye level, so they should be in mint condition through re-facing or repainting measures at the very least. If possible, seek out second-hand items or refurbish things like your bathtub or floors in lieu of replacing them. This can cut thousands out of your total renovation costs. You can also improve the overall appeal with simple upgrades to existing hardware or fixtures.


Financing Improvements

Great apartment interiors

One great way to finance improvements to your apartment, your home, is to take savings from a lottery ticket from www.icelotto.com/en and put it toward individual changes one at a time. If you do not have the money to cover all of your renovations at once, try buying lottery tickets to increase the money you have for your projects. Small wins from online or in person lottery ticket winnings can be saved up month after month until you have what you need to refinish your home. Each month you can take some of your winnings and re-invest them into additional tickets too, to increase your odds. The Mega Millions jackpot and the Powerball lottery are two great options no matter where you live. For the Mega Millions, for example, in order for you to win the jackpot playing this lottery you have to match all six of the winning numbers in the regular drawing. This means that all six of the numbers you select have to match what the drawing polled. Most of the time the jackpot for this game starts at $15 million. For each draw, meaning each time they pull the numbers and announce the winner, the minimum jackpot amount increases by roughly $5 million. The reason for this is that if there is no winner that money remains unclaimed and is simply rolled into the next drawing. So, the longer people go without warning, the better their chances of getting a higher jackpot in the end.



If you have ever been locked out of your car or home, or you have found yourself unable to find the key that you need, you might not have someone else with a spare key to whom you can turn. Even if you do, they might not be available when you need them. As such, it is good to find a car locksmith near you to help you out. This is especially true if you have just moved or are in the process of moving to a new Roanoke Apartment. The process of moving can be a stressful one, a haze of boxes, shipping labels, and never being able to find what it is you need when you need it. This is true of car keys and new home security measures. Using services from companies like 247chicagolocksmiths.com you can get the services you need when you need them.

Keys are never where you need them.

Due Diligence

Before you call the first company on your list, you need to take into consideration how reliable and honest the company is. Not all who advertise near your location are qualified technicians with the proper training. If they are not, you might end up with unwanted damage on your hands and an uninsured locksmith on the other end.

Check Locality

One of the things you can do to prevent this from happening is to search for local locksmiths in your area. You want companies that advertise in your area, and are located there. Some advertisements might have names listed in your area, through a local online directory, but they have only an address and phone number without any legitimate store front. In fact, the number you phone might transfer you to an out of town office. In such cases the quote you receive might be expensive or incorrect. They might show up and try to charge you more and after the job has been done, you might feel pressured to pay the higher amount even though the phone based estimate was less.

One quick way to tell is to search for the number elsewhere. Companies which is not actually local might use the same number on a multitude of listings across a handful of cities. Avoid these places.

Avoid other warning signs of foul play. Businesses that say they only accept cash typically fall under this “suspicious” category too. If a business says ahead of time that they only take cash, or if you ask when on the phone and they state they only take cash, try another location.

Selecting the Best

Do not be lead to believe that there are no reputable companies out there, because there are. And in fact, there are many. You can find reputable companies by simply searching for them before you need them. If, for example, you want to improve home security, take your time to invest some research into finding a reputable company before you are in the middle of a time crunch. See if you can find a reliable locksmith to help you out with car issues too, just in case you ever need that service. Have the information on hand at all times so that you are ready.

If you have chosen one of the Roanoke Street Apartments as your next temporary home until you can afford to buy your very first home, kudos to you! You have made an excellent choice, as we are strongly committed to offering the very best in terms of property management. We trust our apartment community is an amazing place you will find suitable to call “home”. You will be living five blocks from downtown Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech campus, and this is a huge advantage if you are a student there.

Now let's assume that you've just discovered that your front door lock has suddenly stopped working, and you can no longer get inside the house, or our of it. What now? Who do you call? Do you have any idea who should handle maintenance or repair services on the property you are currently renting?

Contact The Rental Office!

First and foremost, know you are entitled to get in touch with the rental office and have them dispatch business hours, contact the rental office and let them dispatch maintenance personnel to

your apartment. They will be able to make all the necessary repairs. This will only occur after you will have placed a work order with the rental office. The order will be regarded as a notice that the maintenance service will be entering your apartment for the repairs. The service we provide works on a nonstop, 24-hour basis. In case of lockout emergencies with keys locked in and no other copy to use for access, you can get in touch with us and we will immediately send over a locksmith to your location. We have repairmen on call at all times; you can call Reggie at (540) 808-7272 and get ready for a prompt response and fast and affective service.

What Is Considered An Emergency?

For things to be even clearer, here is a brief explanation of what makes for an emergency: any situation/problem/malfunction that could cause damage or harm: broken locks on front doors or windows, the lack of heat or air conditioning, the lack of gas or gas leaks, hot water, water leaks or overflowing toilets, as well as refrigerators that are not working the right way. This is not an exhaustive list and other similar emergencies can be added to it – and used when getting in touch with the emergency repairmen at your disposal.

Apartment Lockouts – How To Handle

In case you are locked out of your apartment during business hours, you can come to the rental office and get a new key free of charge. This key has to be returned the day of signing out, or else you will be charged for it or the replacement of the lock (usually $35). If only all home lockouts would be that easy to solve! Often times, tenants are left having to figure out a fast solution to get back into the apartment on their own, as not all landlords are as willing to help. That is about the time they start to think about hiring an emergency locksmith - for the first time in their life. This is not the best case scenarios, as stress and lack of time can cause one to make the wrong call and hire a con artist or unskilled locksmith who will overcharge them. Nevertheless, there are still good locksmith companies that offer 24/7 emergency lockout service at good rates and fast response times. One such example is the Authorized Locksmiths company that provides services in all U.S. states 24/7 and at affordable prices. Their response time is about 20 minutes from placing a call, which is extremely convenient when dealing with such an emergency.

We hope everyone is settling in comfortably and are excited about the start of a new year!
A few reminders as you settle into your new home.

Please make sure you receive your parking decal.

You must bring with you the vehicle registration and your drivers’ license.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and must be received no later than 5pm on the 5th.
To avoid a late fee of $100.00, you can mail your payment, drop it off at the leasing office, or pay online.
Please make sure we have your correct email address, this is how we correspond with our Residents.